What about human security?

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By Joseph Donnelly, Caritas Internationalis permanent delegate to the UN

In the grand order of things, amidst the effects of climate change and local environmental instabilities, weather conditions in NY have perfectly matched the hopeful mood of summit goers and staff alike. It has been perfect conditions wherein to carefully consider so many hard things, aching needs and great hopes to lift up tens of millions of lives, still adding into one billion plus plus.

More is not always more. Sometimes more is less. Striking the balance between more and less is another “fine” art. More security, estimated to cost $8,000.000 this week in New York, to “protect” the summit. More access to direct intergovernmental negotiations but fewer seats for civil society at the table. More details on where MDG implementations have gone in the last decade, but less certainty still how goals can best be shaped into transparent mechanisms – and with effective cross-sector monitoring. It’s like security itself – as today there are police and security agents in every possible variations here. They are women and men, young and old. They are on the streets, on the rooftops, in our buildings and favorite coffee shops. They on bikes, in trucks, cars, fancy limousines, motorcycles, taxis. Without many words they are fully present within mandated priorities. Yet they know little or nothing of the substance of the summit.

We are all like this. Whatever we are looking for, or assigned to, is what we find. The intense searches for MDG implementation are the same. Being more present to the goals directs us too into security, human security with all its implications for saving lives now. People and places in real circumstances of life and death.

That’s it – as the security detail is more boldly visible today on NY streets so it assures a safe welcome for the US President at the summit. That’s it – in Pakistan and Gaza, in Zimbabwe and Bangui, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea. That’s it – a matter of life and death, urgent matters, billions of dollars back/forth/around the ordinary lives of billions of human beings.

That’s where we stand as CARITAS VOICES AGAINST POVERTY!


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