MDG Village - ethiopia


Ethiopia is one of poorest countries in the world. It is however one of the top twenty countries making progress towards the Millennium Development  Goals (MDGs).

An Ethiopian village

Mede-Odda is community set in the highlands of Eastern Ethiopia. It is a tough existence. Food aid is a way of life.

The high population depends on small patches of land which have been made barren by overexploitation and recurrent drought. When it does rain, it floods.

A community response

Caritas began working in Mede-Odda in 1999 by providing food aid after a drought caused hunger.

The local Caritas agency is called the Hararghe Catholic Secretariat. It is part of Caritas Ethiopia (known nationally as the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat).

Caritas has moved beyond emergency relief to providing support for key areas like clean water, health, education, farming, and business. It’s the community itself which is leading change.