Caritas believes the Millennium Development Goals must be met because we made a promise and a deep moral commitment. The lives of millions of people around the world have already improved.

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We’d like to share the information and resources on this website with as many people as possible. So please email friends and colleagues. The more people who support the Millennium Development Goals, the greater the pressure on governments to live up to their promises.
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Brighten up your office and help spread the word: Caritas Voices Against Poverty. Posters are also available for download, to email, and to order.
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Prayer Cards

We need your prayers if the Millennium Goals are to be reached. There are eight prayer cards on the eight themes of the MDGs. Please use them in your faiths groups, families, at school, and work. They can be downloaded, emailed, and ordered.
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Caritas on MDG PDF Downloads

Each of the Millennium Development Goals is explained in these PDF downloads to print off and to be used in helping promote the campaign.
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Visit our blog

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We are the first generation to have made promises to our fellow humanity to help them live dignified lives. We have until 2015 to meet the MDGs and to keep our word. We can’t let this chance slip through our fingers – we may not have it again.

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See if you know your MDG 1 from your MDG 2 by taking our quick quiz.
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MDG Village

The MDGs seen through the perspective a community in the highlands of Ethiopia. Take a look at snapshots from the village and see how one community is challenging itself to improve the lives of its members.
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Caritas around the world

See how Caritas works on the ground in a sample of stories from Caritas projects.
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Ban Ki-Moon “There is now a real danger that the Millennium Development Goals will be remembered as empty words. This can only fuel the cynicism with which so many people in developing countries already regard rich countries’ expressions of concern.”

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga,
Archbishop of Tegucigalpa and President of Caritas Internationalis.